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The C&G Group haave been recognized in their field of expertise the world over. Their proficiency involves construction of Commercial and Residential Projects including interiors, civil and electrical engineering.

The Group has experience of over 2 decades in the construction field with a very diverse portfolio from roads and bridges to houses and hotels.

The Infrastructure of the compnay consists of a large central workshop and the latest construction equipments.

The Company has a team with years of experience with various projects, builders and architects and is headed by the dynamic duo of Mr. Gnanesh Rao and Mr. Praveen Chaudhary. This team comprises of Engineers, Foremen, Supervisors and office administration staff numbering over 50 people. In addition to this is a huge work force of skilled labour-carpenters, electricians, plumbers etc., who are employed on a project basis.

Every member of this unit is focused on delivering a quality product to the customer within the specified time. The combined experience of all the members covers every aspect of trade, commerce and service. The Industries covered are Airports, Automobile, Heavy Industries, Medical Systems, Government Projects, Textile, Mining, Precesion Tools, Hotels, Hospitals, Software, Hardware, Supermarkets, Malls and other Commercial and Residential Projects.