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India, our country has developed into one of the largest competitive technical work force nations with a large pool of skilled manpower and professional Engineers and Managers. The scope of infrastructure developers was at its peak and even today the situation persists. Mr. Praveen Chaudhary and Mr. Gnanesh Rao visualizing the immense potential in this sector put their hands together to form C & G Associates in the year 2003-2004.
M/s C & G Associates, which took off from no where…. A huge growth within a span of 6 years is the evidence of the potential, quality, sincerity and dedicated work of our team to meet the expectations of the customers. The company has steadily built-up its engineering and design team along with skilled work force for support, adding enormous value to procure the contracts. The C & G group has been recognized in their field of expertise the world over. Their proficiency involves Electrification of IT sectors, Industrial, commercial and residential projects including electrical, Plumbing and other engineering.


C&G uses the latest International Machinery at all the projects. A large workshop houses bigger equipment and specialized machinery.

All equipment are used in strict norms that adhere to International standards of Safety. The safety of person and material is of prime importance in any project.

The range of equipment includes HT & LT Electrical testing equipments, mixers, vibrators, polishing and stone cutting machines, pumps, cutting sets, welding equipment, crimping machines, drills, blowers, tools etc.,


Perfection that leads to excellence is the focus that drives C&G in all its actions. Quality is our prime concern and thus every piece of work is first planned and then executed. This effectively increases the efficiency levels at each project. An emphasis on personnel, supervision, material management, documentation and time management leads to high standard in efficiency.


Each assignment has designated individual who plans, supervises, sources, and executes. Thus the individual or the assigned team always carefully monitors every project. This Supervision guarantees saving on costs and also ensures that projects are completed on time.

Only qualified personnel, ably trained are given the responsibility based on their skills, this is to make certain of the quality of the finished job.

Material management is of key importance at all our projects. Consolidated material management gives us the economic of large-scale purchases and ensures quality as raw materials are sourced from carefully selected vendors who have eared a reputation in the market. Each supply is always checked against a quality benchmark before actual use and implementation. Depending on the durability of materials they are accordingly stored and issued when required.

The equipment that is used at the job site is tested for safety and the personnel handling these tools are suitably trained. Equipment is regularly updated and serviced as per international norms and regulations.

Our business have been growing because of a focused approach and completion of jobs withing stipulation of time and quality.